RF44140 - Swivelling stand-up block 45mm

RF44140 - Swivelling stand-up block 45mm


  • $149.98

- High dynamic and static load capacity

- Efficient 2-stage bearing system

- Ball bearings to counteract side thrust loads

- Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling

- Durable aluminium alloy cheek plates

- Central hub hole can be used as a becket take-off or tie-up point

- Features a strong cast padeye base with a swivel head post to allow full rotation and articulation

Sheave Ø 45 mm
Max. Rope Ø 12 mm
Max. Cable Ø mm
Pin Ø - mm
M.W.L. 700 kg
B. L. 1400 kg
Weight 151 g